Free Book: What to Expect the First Year

Simply sign up for Balmex offers and receive a FREE copy of What To Expect the First Year. Check it out. I’m beyond the first year already, but it sounds like a pretty good deal if you don’t mind filtering through more email and snail mail.

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  1. The Krumwiede Six says:

    Thanks for sharing :) I of course will be sharing this will ALL my friends who are expecting!!!

  2. I signed up to this over 6 months ago and to this date have not received my free book – does anyone know why?? Several of my friends also signed up and they too have not received their free copy……

  3. Baby Blog Addict says:

    Hey Anonymous. I looked on a few message boards and it looks like some people received the book and some didn’t.

    I did see something that said “While Supplies Last”, so they may have given away their free supply, before you singed up. It seems like they should have notified you that you would not receive the book, so you could decide for yourself if you wanted to purchase your own copy (before 6 months passed).