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LUTZ, Fla. (AP) — More than 500 visitors showed up at a Baptist church Saturday for what is being billed as Tampa Bay’s Biggest Baby Shower. The community came to support Ben and Karoline Byler, who are expecting sextuplets sometime in the next three weeks. According to the Florida Department of Vital Statistics, the Byler babies will be the first sextuplets born on record in the state.

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  1. beth ewing says:

    that’s one of the families you mentioned in the sextuplet article a couple of months ago. i saw something about that baby shower but i didn’t realize that 500 people were going. i bet they are not wanting for anything. wow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sextuplets! Wow, I can’t imagine having that many children all at once. I love my two kids but I don’t know how I’d cope or adjust to six all at one time. It is nice though to see people in their community coming together to help them and there children out. I wonder if they will have enough baby clothing even with all the help.

    It’s difficult for me and my husband with two children and we both make decent livings. Buying first birthday gifts and outfits really put the hurt on us a couple of times. I hope that they receive a ton of baby gift baskets and I’m sure they will, the people there seem to be really good people.