Predict Your Baby’s Gender

Why rely on ultrasounds when you can use a Chinese Lunar Calendar to predict your baby’s gender? Find the mother’s age at conception and the month in which conception occurred. The color of the intersecting box tells you if it will be a boy or a girl.

The calendar predicted a baby boy when I was pregnant and it was right! Was it right for you?

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  1. Adrienne and Kyle says:

    It was right for me too!

  2. Well… It was right for me both times… but by being right for me this time, means it’s wrong for Amanda… we’re the same age (birthdays are days apart) and conceived the same month. She’s having a girl, I’m having a boy.??? But she did find a different one that showed girl…. which means it’s wrong for me. ????

  3. Anonymous says:

    mostly right. lol It was right for my first child who is a girl. It said my second child would be a boy—I did have a boy and a girl! (twins) :)

  4. beth ewing says:

    it is actually based on your chinese age which is different than your normal age. there is one website that does it by chinese age. i’ll look for it.

  5. It was correct for me three times. My first was a girl, then a boy and then twin girls. It was funny cuz the ultrasound was saying twin boys and so I thought the chinese predictor was wrong, but the ultrasound was wrong -eventually the ultrasound said girls….

  6. Mine was DOUBLE wrong…was supposed to be a boy and both were girls!

  7. Andy, Cherie, and Sarah says:

    Mine was right both times (as long as this ultrasound is correct), and it was right for Angelle, too!