‘Genius’ Videos May Hinder Skills

University of Washington researchers warned in a report released Tuesday that Baby Einstein, Brainy Baby and other videos for infants may make a child slower in picking up vocabulary in the first two years of life.

Every hour babies spent watching videos, they understood an average of six to eight fewer words than a baby who didn’t watch the programs, researchers found.

Baby Einstein said its products were designed to spur interaction between parents and their children, not as solitary experiences.

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  1. We never got the fuss over baby einstein videos??? We were given one as a shower gift but forgot about it… there was no need when Libby was younger. Then we found it when she was 15m old… she wasn’t interested at all. It looked mind numbing to me. We’re selling it. Guess we probably won’t make too much off of it, huh? lol.

  2. The Bickers Family says:

    I agree. My baby would only watch her baby sign language videos. Baby Einstein didn’t interest her at all. To me, it was like she wasn’t interested in the puppets. They didn’t catch her attention as much as people or little kids did. Great information though…

  3. My kiddos LOVED baby einstein, and have a pretty good vocabulary for their age. I also signed with mine from day one too. I watched Seasme Street,& Mr. Rogers and I STILL talk more than anyone I know. Ask my husband! :)