Burkett Quad Squad…*Updated

Last week’s post announcing the birth of the Wilkinson Quints and Steece Quads generated a comment from the Burkett Quad Squad. They said:

“What great families!!!! We’ve been following them both for a while now, and have 4 of our own who will be here any day. As if you don’t have enough blogs to read, you can keep up with us at http://thequadsquad.blogspot.com/. Great site! God bless!”

I’ve been following the Quad Squad blog ever since they shared it with us last week and it looks like today is the day for Benjamin, Baron, Anna & Allie to make their arrival. Our thoughts and prayers are with them for a healthy delivery.

*The quad squad blog has been updated with the arrival of the babies:

Benjamin Russell – 3lbs. 4.5oz. 15.5 inches born at 3:50 pm
Allie Grace – 2lbs. 12oz. 15.75 inches born at 3:51 pm
Anna Ruth – 3lbs. 5oz. 16 inches born at 3:52 pm
Baron Ross – 3lbs. 2 oz. 16.5 inches born at 3:52 pm

According to their father, “All 4 of them cried as they came out. It was beautiful!…Thanks for the prayers! Keep praying!”

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  1. beth ewing says:

    there are alot of high order multiples being born these days. wow! i’ve been following them too and was excited to read that today is the day. 31 weeks is awesome for quads. can’t wait to see them.

  2. Woohoo! Thinking of you all!