Military Baby Boom

Apparently many military couples at Fort Campbell, Kentucky celebrated last fall when about 20,000 soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division came home, because the military hospital here is now seeing a baby boom. The hospital expects to deliver 210 babies a month soon, nearly twice the usual number of deliveries, and more are expected at other nearby hospitals in Tennessee and Kentucky.

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  1. beth ewing says:

    that happened the last time the 101st was deployed and they weren’t prepared for it. at least this time they should be better prepared. i got pregnant post deployment and when i got pregnant, there were over 1,000 pregnant military spouses in hawaii. we have all the branches but still that is alot. if there is one thing us military families do well, it’s make babies. hehe!

  2. That’s funny!
    In NY, you’d notice a big jump in the fall…. especially about 40wks after a big snow storm. lol.

  3. Duncan Family says:

    I got pregnant with my daughter the week my husband returned from Iraq! All he had to do was be gone for a year for us to get pregnant! TEE HEE
    Nadia Duncan
    Vera’s Mom