Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

According to OK! magazine that could be the case. It is reporting she and her British boyfriend were caught shopping for baby clothes.

“A witness claims that the couple left the boutique with a $195 cashmere teddy bear. “They were arm in arm. They were acting like a married couple while shopping for various baby-related items like cribs and changing tables.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought she was trying to adopt? Maybe I am thinking wrong….

  2. Baby Blog Addict says:

    Well…It doesn’t say that she looks pregnant, just that she was shopping at a baby store.

    I’m sure quite a few of us have shopped at baby stores when we weren’t pregnant. Don’t we buy baby gifts for friends?

  3. Avramopoulos says:


    I think it is a great and nice news for her and I think she is so happy to this news.