Picky Eater: V8 Splash

I have a 20 month old who is a VERY picky eater, so I decided to do a “Picky Eater” series of posts with some advice I’ve received and some things I’ve already tried. Feel free to post any advice or questions on the Picky Eater thread on our forum.

Jack would eat bread, cheese and ice cream at every meal if he could. My husband tells me not to stress about it, but I say that’s easier said than done. I put new food on his plate all the time and try it over and over again to see if one day it might be a success. But even if it’s a success one day, it’s not a guarantee that he’ll like it the next day.

On the forum Kerri said, “I found an easy way to add veggies to my kids diet! I let Page pick out what juice she wanted at the grocery store and she picked out one of the V8 Splash varieties. They love it and the #1 ingredient is carrot juice!”

Thanks, Kerri! I tried the V8 Splash Tropical Blend and he loved it. I even made popsicles out of it and he was so excited about his refreshing tropical treat.

Feeding a picky eater is definitely a challenge. This is just one of the tips I’ve learned to get healthy food into my picky eater. There’s more to come…

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  1. Mary Katherine Segrest says:

    I totally agree. the V8 splash is the best! we get the strawberry/banana kind and i drink it along with my 20 month old! a nutritionist suggested this to a friend of mine b/c you get one serving of fruits and veggies per 8 ounces!

  2. Renee Guest says:

    We do this v* splash + the nutritionist recommended the Carnition instant Breakast shakes ans said to let them even have them for breakfast! They have vanilla and chocolate. My little girl loves them and thinks she is having a treat.

  3. Melissa says:

    Thanks! My 4 yr old is VERY picky! My twins (3yrs) will eat anything and evrything including hummus, thai food, couscous, fish, you name it…